What is Trees Against Poverty

  • What is Trees Against Poverty ?

    Trees Against Poverty is a not for profit social enterprise that enables individuals and companies to plant trees remotely and follow their growth online. The trees are planted for and by disadvantaged groups, refugees, or internally displaced people.

  • Our mission

    To create a sustainable future for the environment and the underprivileged people.

  • Our Solution

    We fight poverty: Planting trees will provide a source of income to vulnerable families who would otherwise be struggling to get their basic daily food or take their children to school. That ripple effect can shape the future for a family or an entire community. Fighting poverty and empowering displaced people through: 1) Creating work opportunities. 2) Creating a source of food. 3) Selling crops to generate income. 4) Women’s economic empowerment and inclusive growth. 5) Restoring cultural identity. 6) Having planting as a therapeutic tool in exile and mental wellbeing improvement.

    Creating a greener future through: 1) Reforesting degraded landscapes, offsetting CO2 and fighting climate change. 2) Creating green spaces that produce beauty and improve the setting where refugees live. 3) Restore habitats for animals and fight biodiversity decline.

    What we are offering you is the opportunity to purchase as many trees as necessary to balance the equation and support a family in need. Internally Displaced Persons are going to plant and protect those trees on your behalf contributing towards a more sustainable future for everybody.

Founder's Story

"I am from Syria, a place that has heavily been affected by climate change and later a long conflict that created millions of refugees. I have lived in Iraq where I worked in refugee camps and had the chance to be in close touch with the refugees' hardship. Having this experience, I have started "Trees Against Poverty" to create employment for refugees and a more sustainable future for the environment."

Daleel Hagy, Founder of Trees Against Poverty


What does Trees Against Poverty (TAP) do?

Trees Against Poverty is a non-profit initiative that helps to restore unwanted land by employing refugee families and local communities to help look after, and care for the planted trees.

How does TAP work?

TAP works because of caring people and companies such as yourselves who sponsor trees. The proceeds from your purchase are used to care for and look after the trees, as well as providing the refugees involved with a source of income.

Who does TAP help?

TAP’s mission is to help the war-affected people by providing them with a sustainable source of income through the planting of and caring for trees.

Where do you work?

We currently work with Syrian refugees living in Domiz. A refugee camp in Iraq. Our aim is to expand into planting more trees in other countries as well.

How much does it cost to plant a tree?

It depends on which tree you choose to sponsor. Take a look at our Tree Sponsoring page to find out about the different prices.

How can I find out about the growth of my tree?

You will receive the coordinates of your tree from the moment it is planted, and we will send you photos and updates of your tree(s) every six months.

What happens if my tree dies?

We will endeavour to our best efforts to plant a new tree for you providing some of your donated funds are still available. This may not be possible if your donated funds have already been spent to cover the cost of planting or has been paid to the refugees.

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